About Us

We’re not too small, and not too big—we’re just right.

We’re a lot more than just a dude with a big pick-up truck and a ladder. Well, we DO have ladders, and we DO have a crew of the best men and women who DO drive big pick-up trucks, but our point is that we are a professional and experienced company. We’ve been around the block. Literally. Around many blocks, actually. In many neighbourhoods.

We have fun, but we’re serious when it comes to the serious stuff…

We’re certified, insured and professionally trained (elves). When it comes to Christmas Light Installation, we shine brighter than anybody else! We know how to handle commercial grade, LED lights that are so brilliant that they can light up the entire outside of your home! From heights training to how to handle (and not tangle) endless strands of our quality lights, we take our job as elves very seriously.

Our crew is made of the very best…elves.

Our crews are led by Lead Elves who’ve been with us for years—and this makes a big difference in getting the job done right, and on time. With severe winter weather aside, our busy elves work hard to get your life lit up in time for the holidays.

We call our group of elves—The Nation. We’re building the best nation of the very best elves! And some of our elves magically turn into spring garden gnomes with our sister company, Bio-Logic! This means we have an experienced, reliable crew who take pride in their elfishness. It truly helps us shine brighter than rest.

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Who We Are

We thought it’s high time to introduce the person behind the brilliance of Illuminations.


Mitchell Levine

The Big Kahuna