What We Do


There’s something so impossibly beautiful about a lit up evening…especially beautiful on a snowy winter night. Beautiful when casting a warm glow on an evening summer garden party. Perfect when illuminating a posh but cozy terrace or courtyard. Wonderful when dramatically enhancing an urban landscape, or uplifting the grounds of a suburban sprawling garden.

Our elves have you covered. In lights. In bright, cheerful, festive, Christmas lights on your home, your bushes, your trees, and yes, even your super tall trees.

We have our own special bucket trucks just so we can reach those super high places (which we definitely do not recommend you try yourself at home, especially with a rickety old ladder)!

What our busy elves do…

We drape, we hang, we clip, we install, we wrap, we handle strands and strands of lights (from mini lights  to commercial grade LED lights), we bring all the clips and cords and timers to hang them and turn them on, and of course high quality decorations like garland and wreaths.  When it come to Christmas Light installation we shine above the rest!

Then…after the holiday season comes to a close, we take it all down for you, and we carefully pack it all up so you can store them until our elves are back to do it all over again.

We basically tszuj up your home! YES, “tszuj” IS a word, and one of Yiddish origin, no less. Leave it to Mitchell Levine to come up with ways “to finesse, tweak, rearrange, and make better” your homes, all with professional lighting and decorations fit for any holiday!

We think ANY celebration is perfect to light up!

We light up all the different holidays that celebrate with lights…while we started with Christmas lighting back in 1999, we’ve also lit up holidays like Canada DayDiwali, New Years and Chinese New Year!

We believe that when it comes to decor, lighting is everything.

The event could be a wedding, an anniversary, a retirement party, a marriage proposal…even a new baby announcement, or how about the world’s most romantic dinner picnic? No special event should be kept in the dark. The possibilities to light up your special event are endless.

Not all lighting designs, ideas or solutions are cookie cutter, and certainly not with us. We have experienced skills that we use in our lighting designs for both our holiday and landscape lighting planning, for unique and beautiful landscaping projects—and for our absolute favourite, for someone’s extra special event. If professional and creative lighting is involved, we’re the ones to call. This is when the true pros shine more brilliantly than the rest, it’s what makes us the professionals.

With enough time, we can source unique lighting elements, just for you. Did you want floral lights in specific colours? Was there a very special colour theme involved in your wedding? Did you need a garden full of hanging fairy lights? We may very well be able to help.

Any event can use the added boost that lighting brings to magically illuminate everything. Be in touch with us for any custom lighting solutions, and let us light up your life by making your event one of your brightest memories. We’re happy to help you design and plan the lighting for your home or corporate event, or work with event planning groups such as wedding planners and event planning companies.

Nothing beats the beauty of nature, but a little spark of lighting never hurt anyone—even Mother Nature. Landscape lighting to us is like adding just a little salt to enhance a delicious meal. A little outdoor lighting can go a long way to making a great landscape, garden, patio, terrace or courtyard a brighter spot to enjoy.

Landscape lighting can highlight that special nook in a private garden, or illuminate a gorgeous landscape and poolside. Garden lighting is what can take an outdoor area and add more outside home life space to enjoy during the non-winter months. And the brightest thing of all? Our sister company, Bio-Logic can design the perfect landscaping solutions…and Illuminations can enhance it with landscape lighting solutions that fit the overall vision to a tee. All with just one phone call!

Take advantage and call us today, we can truly light up your life, all year long.

We warranty each and every bulb…
and installation

Lighting up your life means your lights work and actually light up your life. “Lights Out” to us means our work has just begun for our service mode. Rarely is there a break in the string of lights for your holiday festivities, but in the odd time it does happen, all it takes is one phone call to our office and we’ll be there to take care of even a single burnt out bulb. We’re usually there to service you on the same day, but for sure by the next business day.

About our lights…and our standards.

Our lights are not the typical lights you find in your retail stores for holiday lighting.

Our lights are not the typical ones you’ll find, pretty much anywhere.

They are commercial grade LED lights that twinkle bright and through the night. In fact, because of our clear, round bulbs, they shine much clearer and brighter than any of the others.

We directly import our high quality lights from reputable factories in China, that we’ve actually visited ourselves. We test our lights well in advance of the season—each and every season. We do this to ensure the best of the brightest for your holiday.

Our installations include a timer so that you can enjoy your new lighting installation automatically, based on your preferred times of day.

And safety is our number one priority for our fully trained, WSIB covered elves, and of course, all of our lights are CSA approved. You’ll be in good hands…and great lights.