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Looking for special event lighting to light up your evening in Nobleton? Illuminations Canada has you covered! Our decorative lighting in Nobleton is perfect to warm up a cold winter’s night, keep a summer party going, or simply light up your walk home. We can provide high quality LED lights or simply install the lighting you already have! Our amazing team has the tools and equipment to hang even the highest of lights, display them beautifully, and then take them down when the holidays or event are finished. Whatever lighting solution you’re looking for, Illuminations Canada can help!

For almost two decades we’ve worked in Nobleton and the surrounding area, providing homes, businesses, parks, event venues, and more with professional decorative lighting for all occasions. Illuminations Lighting Inc makes all types of lighting installation and decoration easy.

We also offer a “lights out” warranty – if even one bulb burns out, we’ll be there within a day to fix it. We don’t want anything to stand in the way of your perfect lighting! We know how important good service and beautiful lighting is to your special days.

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Landscape Lighting in Nobleton

We don’t just provide temporary lighting. We provide outdoor lighting for landscapes, patios, gardens, courtyards, and terraces so you have a brighter, warmer place to enjoy. It’s a wonder what a little bit of patio lighting can do to refresh a space! Garden lighting is a great way to illuminate your beautiful landscaping, trees, and flowers so you can admire them even at night.

If you’ve recently done some landscaping in Nobleton or are hoping to make some changes this summer, we’ll ensure you get the custom solution you need. A little bit of custom lighting goes a long way, even for Mother Nature!

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Special Event Lighting

All of your special days deserve special lighting. A wedding? Baby shower? Birthday party? BBQ? Proposal? Reunion? Friday night with the boys? You name it, we’ll light it up. No two events are the same, and that’s why we offer custom professional lighting to special events of all types in Nobleton.

We can source unique lighting elements to make your special day perfect. Specific colours, fairy lights, floral shapes – whatever custom lighting solution you need, we can do our best to make it happen to give you the perfect solution.

Professional lighting can make a beautiful special event even more perfect. For your Nobleton special event, choose the best team to provide the custom lighting!

Professional Holiday Lighting

Whether it’s for your home, your office building, or for your holiday party, our Nobleton lighting team has you covered. We’ve been known to be out installing holiday lights on Christmas Eve! Just because you waited until the last minute doesn’t mean you don’t deserve beautiful holiday lights. Plus, they still look great for New Years!

We drape, we hang, we clip, we install, we wrap, we handle strands and strands of lights (from mini lights to commercial grade LED lights), we bring all the clips and cords and timers to hang them and turn them on, and we also provide high quality decorations like garland and wreaths.

And it’s not just Christmas lighting installation – we light up all types of holidays including Canada Day, New Years, Diwali, Chinese New Year, and more. Let us make your holiday special with holiday lighting in Nobleton!

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We’re based out of Uxbridge, Ontario – perfectly placed to serve all of Southern Ontario! If you’ve got a special event coming up, are looking for some landscape upgrades, or want an extra-special holiday season, give us a call!

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