We certainly are lucky and proud to have the most loyal customer base for Illuminations. It’s now our goal to grow an equally loyal team base so we can continue to provide the best professional lighting and gardening services available as we expand Illuminations and Bio-Logic.

As we round the corner to major growth for both our companies, we’re excited to launch our careers division. We call this division Illumi Nation—or simply, The Nation.

Having the right team is crucial to maintaining our excellence. It’s the root cause behind true customer satisfaction and positive client and team experiences. Our goal is to build a bigger, reliable team of enthusiastic, hard working and team-oriented individuals with great attitudes to grow with us.

We’re always on the look out to hire Lead Field Technicians, Field Technicians and Junior Field Assistants and other full-time and contract team members.

Are you ready for The Nation? Illumi Nation is coming to an area near you.
What’s The Nation?

Illumi Nation is the new careers division for Illuminations Canada, a pro lighting installation company that’s been around in Durham and York since the late 90’s. You read that right, the NINETIES. So, we’ve likely been around since before you may have even been born! WHAT?!

Illuminations and sister company, Bio-Logic are looking to build a nation of hard working seasonal workers who are looking to work with organizations that can provide them with good work and opportunities.

Why are we building The Nation?

First off, Illuminations is growing. As a rapid growth company, we’re super keen on building the right team to grow with us. And since we’re growing fast, we’re looking to do the same with our team. Which is why we started The Nation. Think you fit the bill?


You’re a reliable and hard worker with a great attitude. You enjoy the variety of working seasonal jobs. You could even be aspiring professional tradesperson, perhaps even an apprentice in your field looking to make some extra money. Perhaps you’re a serial seasonal contractor, looking for a bit more stability and consistency in the work you’re getting.

You like to work outdoors and with your hands, you’re not afraid of heights, and in fact you like to aim for new heights and try different things.

The Nation is a great way to make some decent cash, in a short period of time—especially cool when your wallet needs some fattening up…right before the holidays!


From Junior Elf to Lead Elf…we need different team members for different responsibilities. Take a look at all the current job postings for The Nation


We interview great candidates all the time, so be in touch and let us know all about you, what position you’re interested in and when you’re available to start!

Current Positions
    Our business is lighting up, too!

    If your first season with us is a brilliant success, then you’d be welcome to stay in The Nation for good. What that means is that you’re kept in our active database and would be first to be booked in for work as it arises!

    And, if you decide lighting up the lives of others was your secret calling, the lighting festivities don’t stop here—The Nation also does work on Landscape Lighting and Event Lighting services. And so much more.

    Our goal is to build a network that compiles various year-round, seasonal and casual labour to jobs that span all seasons, especially for the best of The Nation.

    The Nation is new, so now’s a great time to be a part of our crew, and grow with us from the ground up as we launch with our first season for Illuminations Holiday 2017.


    Take a second to fill out this application form, and attach your latest resume for us. We’ll be in touch with every selected applicant with details on where to go from here. While we can’t hire everyone, we look forward to connecting with many awesome people!

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