Aurora Christmas Light Installation

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At Illuminations Lighting Inc, we understand the absolute beauty in a well lit evening. Decorative lighting creates astounding event atmospheres, helps parties go late into the night, and warm up even the coldest Ontario winters. But, setting up your own decorative lighting for your home, business, or event is not an easy task and can be dangerous at times too. Thankfully, that’s where we come in!

Our elves at Illuminations Lighting Inc make all types of lighting installation and decoration easy. We’ve worked with clients in Aurora, Ontario, for almost two decades. Over the years, we have arranged homes, businesses, wedding venues and corporate events with lighting that has elevated their special occasion.

We have the highest quality of LED lights, or we can use the light fixtures you already have. Our fantastic team comes with years of experience and has the tools, equipment and knowledge to showcase your house or event with style.

The best part is, we can take down your beautiful lights as well. We understand how much work goes into planning a wedding day or event. We can lighten your workload by fully assembling and also taking down your lights and decorations.

Our bulbs are one of a kind. What we mean by that is we offer a lights out warranty. Even if a single bulb burns out on your string lights, path lights, or any light that we assembled, we will be there within a day to fix it. In our mind, every light matters.

If you’re looking for a professional lighting company in the town of Aurora, or any surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a call today to get your free quote from our CEO, Mitchell himself!

Beautiful Landscape Lighting in Aurora

At Illuminations Lighting Inc, our goal is to provide outdoor lighting for landscapes, patios, gardens, gazebos, courtyards, terraces, and more so you have a bright, welcoming place to enjoy.

In-ground lighting can help show off your garden at night, hanging lights can illuminate your beautiful trees, and you would be surprised how a little bit of patio lighting can brighten your backyard and make it your own personal dance floor!

Enhance your property with decadent landscape lighting with beautifully lit pot lights, and add a sparkle of elegance with high quality LED string lights.

Canadian summers are too short not to enjoy! Get your patio or garden professionally lit to keep those warm nights going even longer.

Aurora Event Lighting

Your special day deserves special lighting. Whatever you’re planning – a wedding, a proposal, a birthday party, a reunion, a baby shower, or just an evening with friends – we’ll help you light it up.

We will make your event one to remember—the bright lights, the romantic atmosphere, and the good vibes that come with having perfect lighting. Our approach is not one size fits all; we make your vision come true.

If you have special requests for your lighting, we may be able to source unique lighting elements to make your special day perfect. Whether you need specific colours, fairy lights, or floral shapes. We’ll do our best to ensure we have you and your guest in awe.

Professional lighting can be the difference between a good or spectacular event. For your special event in Aurora and York Region, choose the best team to provide custom and affordable lighting!

Professional Christmas Light Installations

Whether it’s for a party in your home or at your office, our holiday lighting team in Aurora has your back. We want to make sure your holidays are extra special with the perfect lighting.

We go above and beyond your typical christmas lighting. If you want to be that house on the street that everyone talks about how epic their Christmas lights and decorations are, call us today.

Did you wait until the last minute? No problem! Our elves are specialists at last minute lighting, even on Christmas Eve! Late is always better than never, and holiday lights look even great on New Year’s Eve as well.

We don’t only do Christmas lighting! We light up all types of holidays, including Canada Day, New Years, Diwali, Chinese New Year, or even your own made-up holiday!

Contact us today for a free quote or any lighting questions you may have!