Junior Field Assistants

Junior Field Assistants

Junior Field Technicians

Welcome to Illumi Nation (AKA The Nation)—we’re the careers division of Illuminations Canada. We spread cheer for a living, and we’re building a nation of elves to help us do just that!

The Nation is here to take seasonal employment to new heights, one season and service at a time—and we’re hiring!

With rates starting at $14/hour, we’re hiring part and full-time JUNIOR FIELD TECHNICIANS to install holiday lights in Durham and York.

Interested? We’d need you to:

  • Be available to work from as early as mid-October, to as late as late February.
  • Be good with working outdoors, because that’s what we do!
  • Be cool with helping the field crew. As a junior elf, you’d be doing things like getting lights organized for hanging, helping with decorations and other things requested by your Team Lead.
  • Be good with your hands, even with gloves on.
  • Be in good health and have no conditions that you know of that could hinder your ability to do the job.

  • Represent Illuminations and The Nation with professionalism, starting with your image and appearance, and right to your work ethic and high quality of work.
  • Be available for flexible hours. Note that we pay over-time for any hours over 50 hours/week, even for contract, seasonal employees.
  • Able to start and end your day at a designated meeting spot in your area of installations.
  • Be sure to tell us what city you want to be hired for when you apply!
  • Take your time and commitments seriously, even if it’s “just” a seasonal or part-time job.

With lots of opportunities to work across different seasons for different companies, this is a real must for us! Our sister company, Bio-Logic hires on the best elves in the springtime (who become gnomes, of course)! Who knows, you may like it so much you might want to become an all-season, seasonal worker!

Submit your application and tell us how you can help light up many lives for the holidays! Or, feel free to email us your resume at thenation@illuminationscanada.com.

Thanks for your time and interest! Best of luck!

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